Corporate cleaning for the private and public sector

Corporate cleaning for the private and public sector

Our ability to achieve impeccable finishes matched with our highly trained staff qualifies us to any corporate cleaning contractwhether it is for the public sector or for the private sector.

Our private sector clients cover a whole suite such as:

  • Banks
  • Companies
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • Open spaces

Our public sector clients range is as follows:

  • Ministries
  • Embassies
  • Consulates
  • Municipal buildings
  • Governmental Hospitals
  • Governmental buildings
  • Public institutions

Whether it is banks, companies, offices, shopping centers, beach resorts, hospitals, hotels or large commercial centers, streets, pavements, drives and wallswe have the know-how and the man power to provide superb standards of cleaning for any type of business or organization. Taking into considerationthat the corporate cleaning sector is a delicate one with many issues that might arise from chemical spillages, crime scenes, or general day to day cleaning problems, we can provide a team to turn around public areas and restore then to their former glory. We believe proper, professional supervision is essential in any successful on-site operation in order to note special requests, concerns, safety and maintenance issues. Our supervisors offer a complete on-hand and on-site service whereby they regularly and constantly are present at the cleaning location to oversee every detail in the most meticulous way. This is to be carried on using the have "Checklists for cleaning" in order to deliver what has been promised to the client and in the same standards that we uphold. This service includes floor care, glass cleaning, garbage collection, rest room cleaning, thorough office cleaning etc...

Deep Cleaning

If you're moving in or out of your office or home, spring cleaning, preparing for the holidays planning a special event for the family or coming out of a construction or redecoration project, deep cleaning is the perfect idea for you! The best way to do it; is by hiring a professional to do the dirty work for you. At Perfect Clean Abou Chebel & Co®, our dedicated team of cleaning operatives specializes in deep cleaning for every space with different needs. From cleaning the nooks and cracks in your city apartment or mountain house we provide a first class service for all our clients. Whether they are corporate, governmental, private villas or residential apartments, our clients receive the most meticulous cleaning service available in Lebanon. Our attention to detail and the fact we do not put a time limit on the clean ensure you are receivinga total guaranteed clean that meets international standards. Every item, every room, and every appliance gets inspected and cleaned.We can also take photographs of the property before and after the clean at no additional cost. Furthermore, our supervisors make it their mission to thoroughly go through an intricate checklist that details the task at hand. This ensures a high quality control and effective management of the project. Our expert supervisors' goal is to cover that checklist and to satisfy the client while overseeing the work and managing the workers.

Glass and window cleaning

Whether you are a large corporate company or a family with a flat, from time to time, you will need a window cleaner or a team to make those windows sparkle.

From ground floor flats to high-rise buildings, Perfect Clean Abou Chebel & Co® has the team of experts who provide superior cleaning to our customers whether they are corporate, governmental, private villas or residential apartments. We only use the finest products and methods to offer you streak free and clean windows. Furthermore, our cleaning teams are trained to work at heights, with specialist equipment. Therefore, no matter where the windows are, our professional cleaners will attempt to make sure every window is cleaned perfectly.

At Perfect Clean Abou Chebel & Co®, we can clean the following(please adjust as per your company):

  • Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Windows
  • Double Glazed
  • Single Glazed
  • Velux Roof Lights
  • Windows and Frames
  • Mirrors
  • Specialist Glass
Floor care

We have all the specialized machines, equipment and tools that allow us to clean any size or kind of floor for any client whether they are corporate, governmental, private villas or residential apartments. Our residential and commercial floor cleaning customers are provided peace of mind with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our floor care services include Floor buffing, stripping, polishing, crystallization and waxing and cover the below:

  • Wood Floor Cleaning: We clean wood floors of all kinds. Hardwood, Engineered Wood, and Laminate wood floors.
  • Tile Floor Cleaning: We clean all types of tile floors including Ceramic Tile, Porcelain and Non Porcelain. We also provide Natural Stone Tile cleaning services, including Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, and Slate tiles.
  • Commercial Floor Cleaning: With our commercial floor cleaning clients we see a lot of Vinyl Composition Tile, and Linoleum flooring. Some businesses have man made stone flooring and we also clean these. We also see and clean rubber flooring in a lot of businesses. Regardless of what ever floor covering you have we can and do clean it.

Pest control

When you have a pest problem at home or office, we use our scientific approach to help recognize the origin of your problem and apply a solution made solely for your case because each space is unique.

Our team, products and methods allow us to solve any problem in any home, corporation, governmental institution, private villas or residential apartments.

We also take into consideration your health and wellbeing and use only premium grade products that are certified by the Ministry of Health, that do not evict odors and do not have any health implications.

Our process ranges from assessing to implementing, and monitoring your space's pest population. Because pests pose a serious risk to your health and property, it's important to keep them in their place.

Our pest control technicians work to deliver solutions that are rooted in science to protect every home, corporation, governmental institution, private villas or residential apartments. With advanced technology, Perfect Clean Abou Chebel & Co® will look for conditions that bring in pests, deal with current infestations, and halt the life cycle to prevent future invaders, disease and contamination with a 100% guaranteed satisfaction.


Understanding the need for very high standards of hygiene in the food industry and getting the right staff to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your kitchen can be a challenge. However, at Perfect Clean Abou Chebel & Co® we offer the F&B industry help, cleaning and assistance to upgrade their cleanliness level.

We provide a reliable stewarding team that holds the same cleanliness and hygienic standards itself, is adept at working side-by-side with kitchen staff and able to perform the required tasks such as:

  • Cleaning dishes, pots and pans, utensils, machinery table tops, floors and walls.
  • Cleaning of cooker hood
  • Cleaning of dishwasher
  • Grease stain removals


Our cleaning services are tailored to fit your requirements, with fully qualified, licensed, and insured employees.

We arrive prepared to clean, with all the supplies and equipment to make your house, apartment or office sparkle.

Moreover, daily house chores such as ironing, doing the dishes, washing the laundry, wiping the floors or cleaning all the cabinets and their belongings are well within our service range whereby a team of professionals is ready to assist you for the amount of time you need at your location. Moreover, being professionals, we know just how to protect and clean your home and its belongings.

Our teams have a near-obsession for cleaning, and a passion for customer service that is reinforced with the know-how gained from our training. We cater to private residences or public and commercial institutions in the fastest way possible.

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